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First Recital

Dennis Hands

First Recital

My guitar teacher has organized a recital for all his students on July 26. I've played a couple times at church, but this will be my first recital. Suggestions?

Posted 9 months ago by Dennis Hands - 2 replies

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Franklin Mock

I use the look but don't see method.
Look at the crowd, but not the faces.
50% your fretting hand, 50% the top of their heads.

Reply posted 8 months ago by Franklin Mock

I know, I know easier said than done, but RELAX and enjoy. It's been so long ago for me but it is something you will never forget, Dennis.

I walked around and taked to people, as the teacher advised. Or you can invite a bunch of your friends. What ever it is, try to make contact with the audiance. Remember they don't expect perfection. IT's FREE!
Some other things I have done to calm the insecurity:
I will walk around and ask, "Hey man, you know who's playing?"

Or, if you like, befor your recital, take your guitar out to the park, sit down where there are people walking by, and busk. You'd be surprised at this confidence builder. I highly recommend a busking tour of your neighborhood park, lake, etc. (at least twice before your recital). Take note of the reactions to your playing, and or song selections.

If it is your first busking gig, only play two songs you know well. That should be plenty for a first run.

Chers, j

Reply posted 9 months ago by Jim Lair

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