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Best instruction books

Greg Gabbett

Best instruction books

Jamie Andreas has a practice principle book that seems to be highly recommended. Anybody have an opinion on this? Greg

Posted 5 months ago by Greg Gabbett - 3 replies

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I am a big fan and user of The Principles, but if you are not a beginner, be prepared to put in some work unlearning bad habits!

Reply posted 3 months ago by BENJAMIN SENDROW

Will Senger

My favourite practice book is the 10 Minute Guitar Workout

Reply posted 4 months ago by Will Senger

Hi Greg !
Sorry,don't know this book !
I'm playing fingerstyle, so nearby classical. So I did buy songbooks of easy classical pi├Ęces, tabs books from Stefan Grossman collection, and so on.
Over the years, did get better with both hands.

Reply posted 4 months ago by Marc Mony

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