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Started by Ed McKechnie
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What chords should I learn first?
Started by p sherman
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Getting Out of First Position
Started by Kevin Croston
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Look further
Started by Matthew Sarad
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"Introductions" section? "Looking for local musicians" section?
Started by Doug Clark
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Anyone here from the old AG forums?

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There's another Acoustic Guitar Forum out there (, that's got all the action the old AG Magazine forum had back in the day (not to mention a few of the old members). Checked it out and I like it better than Soundhole; if things don't start picking up in a couple weeks - or the old easy-to-use format/forum isn't revived - I'm outta here...

Reply posted 2 years ago by Steve DeRosa

Michael Duffey

Is this the forum that was to replace the old AG forum?

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to link to pics, videos, audio, or links of any kind. And the layout is unbelievably poor. I'm not really sure how you are supposed to see what folks have posted as that information seems to be hidden among the random ads and article promotions.

I'm here, for now, but cannot see why I would stay very long with such a poor layout.

Sorry for the negative comment...

Reply posted 2 years ago by Michael Duffey

Stephen Roberson

I'm here, and also at Soundhole. The format here is difficult, and there doesn't seem to be much action. The Soundhole seems mostly devoted to people talking about nothing in particular, without much musical content. Neither compares to the old AG forum when it was active.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Stephen Roberson

Big Al

I'm here, but not finding much yet. It's nice to see some familiar folks, though. I've been lurking around the Soundhole Cafe but not finding much of a reason to join the discussion there.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Big Al

I finally made it back on--I had trouble logging in to this new site. Finally had customer service reset everything. Hopefully things will pick up over the next couple of weeks.

Reply posted 2 years ago by JON DAILEY

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