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Anyone else interested in an Acoustic Recordings group?

Anyone else interested in an Acoustic Recordings group?

I am interested in starting a group whose focus would not be playing acoustic guitar, but reviewing and recommending great acoustic guitarists' recordings. The origin of this idea is that I am looking for a few great flamenco style acoustic guitar albums, after coming across some nice playing on youtube. When I started getting into bluegrass, a friend recommended The Pizza Tapes. That's the kind of recommendations that I would expect to come out of the group. We could also direct each other to high fidelity recordings of general interest. For example, if a particularly good remaster is issued or an old classic suddenly becomes available on (I also have an interest in hi-fi, although currently not the budget.) Please reply if you also would like to see a group like this! Thanks.

Posted 1 year ago by Peter Snow - 3 replies

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Thanks Peter, for taking the time to explain the Pizza Tapes to me. I had no clue. I am trainable. I learned something already from this discussion. This is great stuff you posted. I like.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Jim Lair

Thanks, Jim. Courtesy of Wikipedia, "The Pizza Tapes is an album by Jerry Garcia (acoustic guitar, vocals), David Grisman (mandolin), and Tony Rice (acoustic guitar). It was recorded at Grisman's studio on two evenings in 1993, and features unrehearsed performances of folk and bluegrass songs. It was released on the Acoustic Disc label on April 25, 2000."

It's not music savvy speech, just a really good album that a friend suggested to me when I was getting into bluegrass. I have the CD, but it is available on too, if you are into the high resolution tracks. Before you spend the extra money on an hdtracks download, I would spend some time researching review of the "high-resolution" versus the cd (much cheaper). I saw a review in The Absolute Sound of The Band's "The Last Waltz", for example, that said that the hdtracks version of the album was no better than the Rhino remastered CD. My understanding is that the sound quality all depends on the quality of the master used to create the high resolution digital copy. (In other words, you could create a "high resolution" digital copy of a CD, but the digital copy at best will only sound as good as the CD. If, on the other hand, you make a high resolution digital copy of the original master tapes, the sound quality should surpass the CD -- assuming that the tapes were high fidelity and mastered well.)

Back to the original post, I figure that folks who spend time on this forum would have some recommendations worth hearing. We'll see if we get any more interest. So far, just me and you.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Peter Snow

Well Peter,
That sounds interesting. I must admit, I love playing music but I am a bit dunce when it comes to who is who, and what is what in music appreciation. I am always asking; who is that, what is that they are playing, and what kind of music is that? I think I would enjoy following posts from that group though. I just might learn something worth knowing.

Oh, I never heard of The Pizza Tapes. Is it music savvy speech? (See what I mean.)
Cheers! Jim Lair

Reply posted 1 year ago by Jim Lair

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