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Wearing Finger Picks
Started by Jim Lair
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Changes to AC Digital Magazine
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Playing at the next level.
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Glen McCarthy
Glen  McCarthy

Travis Picking

Besides Dirt in the Breeze AKA Dust in the Wind and Landslide what other songs do you teach/play that uses Travis Picking?

Posted 1 month ago

Peter Snow

Anyone else interested in an Acoustic Recordings group?

I am interested in starting a group whose focus would not be playing acoustic guitar, but reviewing and recommending great acoustic guitarists' recordings. The origin of this idea is that I am looking for a few great flamenco style acoustic guita...

Posted 3 months ago - 3 replies, latest 2 months ago

Oscar mendez
Oscar mendez

Fingerstyle From Bogotá,Colombia.

Hi guys! how are you! this is one of my favourite places to enjoy the internet! today i would like to share with you my first acoustic album. This is called "Lone spirit" Actually i represent my Country with this kind of music, but in Colombia is...

Posted 2 months ago

J Hughes

Hey Acoustic Guitar, please get rid of the annoying pop-up for your Newsletter signup! It shows up in Firefox every time I click on anything in the Discussion page, even though I have the Block Popup option on. All it is doing is pissing me off,...

Posted 3 months ago


Interest in a Taylor Group?

Just testing the waters to see if there would be enough interest to start a group focused on the Taylor company and products, especially Taylor guitars. Any takers?

Posted 3 months ago - 2 replies, latest 3 months ago

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