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Using a capo
Started by David Probert
3 replies, latest 1 month ago

Rain Song
Started by Jesse Oelbaum

Rain Song
Started by Jesse Oelbaum

Flat 9 Scale?
Started by Mark Puetz
2 replies, latest 7 months ago

Anticipating Fingering changes
Started by Karen Wyatte
4 replies, latest 7 months ago

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Dennis Hands
Dennis Hands

First Recital

My guitar teacher has organized a recital for all his students on July 26. I've played a couple times at church, but this will be my first recital. Suggestions?

Posted 8 months ago - 2 replies, latest 7 months ago

Nigel Brown
Nigel Brown

Strap Buttons

Why don't the manufacturers put strap buttons on or have pre drilled placements as standard? All three of my guitars had only one strap button, which has meant dropping them off to the local music shop to fit the additional button. I may be missin...

Posted 9 months ago - 5 replies, latest 8 months ago

Jeremy Casey
Jeremy Casey

Got 10 Minutes But Don't Know What to Practice?

We've created a series of free videos that can be used as part of your daily guitar practice routine. Each video is roughly 10 minutes long and walks you through different drills, exercises, progressions, and more. The idea is that with focused pr...

Posted 8 months ago

Dell Krauchi


Hello, I would like the opinions of others on the importance and/or the significance of calluses. Thank you!

Posted 10 months ago - 15 replies, latest 8 months ago

Jim Lair

Wearing Finger Picks

How do you wear finger picks when playing acoustic guitar? I did not realize most people wear them upside down. That is they are upside down to the way I wear them. The pad of my finger tips are in contact with the string. I treat the finger pick...

Posted 1 year ago - 23 replies, latest 9 months ago

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