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"Introductions" section? "Looking for local musicians" section?
Started by Doug Clark
2 replies, latest 3 weeks ago

What chords should I learn first?
Started by p sherman
2 replies, latest 1 month ago

Getting Out of First Position
Started by Kevin Croston
One reply 2 months ago

Using a capo
Started by David Probert
3 replies, latest 4 months ago

Rain Song
Started by Jesse Oelbaum

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Michael Kitchens
Michael Kitchens

later tunings

Know nothing about them.Sounds interesting. Would like to see some chord finger positions for some major and minor chords for dropped D and DADGAD .There must be someone out there to help me out.

Posted 1 year ago - 2 replies, latest 1 year ago

Tom Schlater

Anyone here from the old AG forums?

Targuit, Coachdoc, Phil, ...anyone?

Posted 2 years ago - 21 replies, latest 1 year ago

Jeremy Casey
Jeremy Casey

50 Best Acoustic Songs with Tabs

I took a list of the Top 50 Acoustic Rock songs as deemed by Guitar Player and transformed it from a annoying slideshow into a list with links to the tabs. Some of the choices are debatable, but it is a good starting point. http://www.freeguitarv...

Posted 1 year ago - 3 replies, latest 1 year ago

Tom Napoli
Tom Napoli

Notation Reference

Is there a music notation reference on this site? I'm looking for a comprehensive treatment of guitar chord finger charts and tab charts. I occasionally see notations used in AG that I don't recognize and for which no explanation is given in the...

Posted 2 years ago - 6 replies, latest 1 year ago

John Yannelli
John Yannelli

Songwriting contests

Can someone comment on the legitiamcy of these contests? I get emails from Paramount asking for lyrics or songs. Are they real? Do people win? How am I protected? Can my song end up in someones songlist and I never know it? Can it show up on t...

Posted 2 years ago - 1 reply, 2 years ago

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