winter care

winter care

The AdobeAir Mobile MasterCool MMB12 Evaporative coolers — or “swamp” coolers as you may have heard them called - I've had one of these for three years now. It has worked fine as a cooler and now I am getting good use from it as a humidifier during the winter. I have not hooked up the hose. I fill it manually, thus I know we are putting twenty to twenty-five gallons into a three thousand sq. ft. house every day. We point it toward a basement wall, so we feel little winter cooling and run it twenty-four hours a day. Humidity levels have gone from sixteen percent to forty percent, saving my guitars and the glue joints of our furniture.

Posted 1 year ago by Ed St. Cin - 1 reply

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I use Planet wave humidifier in each sound hole of my guitars...
So It would work wherever I be.
Cheers, Marc

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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