vintage Japanese guitar outplaying my Martin

vintage Japanese guitar outplaying my Martin

So I have a 2012 Marin OM-21 that I bought new. I previously loved it till I picked up a 38 year old Morris W-40 form Japan. Granted it is not an OM size guitar but it's making my Martin sound dull and lifeless. I don;t know weather to be happy or sad!

Posted 1 year ago by Steve Alexander - 4 replies

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Al Copping

For years I had a 1970 Takamine F370S (Martin D-28 lawsuit) puchased for $50 that often sounded much better than many Martin D-28's. I gave it to a friend in need.
Give the OM-21 more time to open up, 30 or 40 years, who knows?

Reply posted 10 months ago by Al Copping

I am also the proud owner of a 30yr old Yamaha a FG-350D I have had a few accomplished players try the guitar and they claim it is as good or better than a Martin. It is a beautiful instrument. But I can find very little info about it. Except it was never imported into the USA our lose.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Thomas Morehouse

giovanni calzoni

Hi Steve, I have two first class guitars, but I also own a 40 years old Yamaha FG200 with a terrible neck. I love this old Yamaha first of all because it was my first "serious" guitar but it sounds lovely and different from any other too!
So my friend be happy: every guitar whispers with a different voice to our soul and it's fantastic how the voice changes as time goes on.

Reply posted 11 months ago by giovanni calzoni

Hey Steve, how bad can it be? You have an OM21 (as do I, and I love mine to bits) and another guitar THAT SOUNDS EVEN BETTER!
I this can be included in "First World Problems".
Enjoy them both.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Dick Taylor

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