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vintage Japanese guitar outplaying my Martin

vintage Japanese guitar outplaying my Martin

So I have a 2012 Marin OM-21 that I bought new. I previously loved it till I picked up a 38 year old Morris W-40 form Japan. Granted it is not an OM size guitar but it's making my Martin sound dull and lifeless. I don;t know weather to be happy or sad!

Posted 2 years ago by Steve Alexander - 4 replies

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Al Copping

For years I had a 1970 Takamine F370S (Martin D-28 lawsuit) puchased for $50 that often sounded much better than many Martin D-28's. I gave it to a friend in need.
Give the OM-21 more time to open up, 30 or 40 years, who knows?

Reply posted 1 year ago by Al Copping

I am also the proud owner of a 30yr old Yamaha a FG-350D I have had a few accomplished players try the guitar and they claim it is as good or better than a Martin. It is a beautiful instrument. But I can find very little info about it. Except it was never imported into the USA our lose.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Thomas Morehouse

giovanni calzoni

Hi Steve, I have two first class guitars, but I also own a 40 years old Yamaha FG200 with a terrible neck. I love this old Yamaha first of all because it was my first "serious" guitar but it sounds lovely and different from any other too!
So my friend be happy: every guitar whispers with a different voice to our soul and it's fantastic how the voice changes as time goes on.

Reply posted 1 year ago by giovanni calzoni

Hey Steve, how bad can it be? You have an OM21 (as do I, and I love mine to bits) and another guitar THAT SOUNDS EVEN BETTER!
I this can be included in "First World Problems".
Enjoy them both.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Dick Taylor

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