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John Murray

I am using the app GIGBOOK.
It is fantastic for atoring your sheet music, marking up sheet music with notes, throwing sheets into gig set lists, creating collections, and, best of all, pulling pages from a book if collected works and separating the song on its own to be used in any other set list.
Example: I scanned a book of standards as one complete PDF file and saved it in gig book as a collection. From here I can browse each page and if I want to pull one song for a set list I jut have to gag the page(s) as a "super bookmark". This allows the song to go into my song library where I can throw it into a new custom collection, a set list or send via email to a fellow musician.
I turn the pages by either tapping the screen or via a blue tooth foot pedal device. (There are a few brands out there). This latter method is great when I'm playing fast toons and my hands are busy and the page turn needs to be quick.
I've used other programs but this is the best for sheet music ink opinion. It is far better than a simple PDF reader.
As long as you have a scanner or scanner program for you iPad ( like turbo scan) you're good to go.
Good luck.

Reply posted 1 year ago by John Murray

John Murray

Gig book let's you import word docs as well as PDF.
Nite, converting word to PDF is pretty easy. There are a number if programs out there costing next to nothing that do this very easily. In fact, depending on your version of word, you can probably save you word docs as PDF if you really want to. When saving just choose the extension .pdf instead of .doc.
But, as stated, gigbook reads both. ( no, I don't work for the company. Just a gigger who has tried a lot of apps. I'm an app junkie.)

Reply posted 1 year ago by John Murray

Donald Gi McMillan

Joh, thank you for suggesting GigBook. I downloaded the app after looking at it online, because it looks like a winner! I haven't done all my set-up yet, but I can already see how it will be a great system for me..

Reply posted 1 year ago by Donald Gi McMillan

GIGBOOK sourds interesting. Any comment about ONSONG ? Thanks ! Marc

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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