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guitar CART??

Meredith Inserra

guitar CART??

I need a cart for my guitar case so I can pull my guitar around rather than having to carry it. This summer I'm going to be attending a week-long guitar "camp," the Swannanoa Gathering's Guitar Week and will have to carry it around with me EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY for a week. I'm also having surgery on my foot about 5 weeks before the event, so I need to make it as easy on my foot as possible. So, I'll also likely have a totebag with audio recorder, notebook, pens, perhaps an iPad, purse, etc. I have looked at luggage carts online and none are tall enough for a guitar case. My case is about 46" tall, so the cart handle has to reach above that. I can't find one! Please help!

Posted 1 year ago by Meredith Inserra - 1 reply

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Gary Toth

Hi! I just joined here at AGM so I just saw this. Would something like this work?

Reply posted 10 months ago by Gary Toth

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