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Dale Reynolds

Zager Guitar

Does anyone have any experience with Zager Guitars?

Posted 11 months ago by Dale Reynolds - 3 replies

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I bought a Zad20 acoustic mahogany 2 months ago and cannot believe the quality and tone of this instrument,it's beautiful,and they were great to deal with,everything they say is true,I hope this helped.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Mark Morin

Dale Reynolds

Thanks, Mark!

Reply posted 11 months ago by Dale Reynolds

I've never played a Zager guitar but I'm a skeptic for so many reasons. Why pay the inflated prices he asks for his guitars when basically they're just a used guitar with a professional setup. I payed my local luthier/repair guy $30.00 to get my Taylor GA4 setup perfectly. Plays like a dream and couldn't be any better without a buzz somewhere. My advice, buy a good guitar and have a professional setup to suite your style of play. Much, much better deal even if you payed $100 for a setup.

Reply posted 10 months ago by Gene Leavitt

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