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Which Martin OM 28 to buy

Arthur Guercilena

Which Martin OM 28 to buy

I'm about to purchase a Martin OM 28 for fingerstyle guitar playing. I'd like some input from forum members that are familiar with the two models I'm considering - the OM 28V and OM 28 Retro. I love characteristics of both models - especially the on-board Fishman Aura electronics of the Retro series; which is also it's downfall due to the aesthetic marring of the beautiful Indian Rosewood. Which model would you choose and why? Many thanks.

Posted 1 year ago by Arthur Guercilena - 3 replies

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Al Copping

I am familiar with the OM-28V, but haven't played the Retro. I can say however I have a 00-18V with the modified V neck, and I have played the Martin performer series with the "Retro" neck profile which is vey different from the modified V shape. I have both neck shapes, one on the Martin and one on a Huss&Dalton OM-C, almost identical to the Martin performer series neck profile. I would suggest playing your repetoire on both and taking it from there. Some tunes just work better on the wider neck for me, others are better on the slim neck profile. If it boiled down to pure sound regardless of neck shape I would probably buy the OM- 28V and install an unobtrusive Baggs Lyric mic system over the Fishman sytem thus keeping the guitar mostly structurally original. That's just me, your choice should be which one you like of course!

Reply posted 1 year ago by Al Copping

Arthur Guercilena

Many thanks for your thought Al. I'm primarily a classical player so a wider neck and nut are welcome. Both the 28v and retro feature a 1 3/4 nut width, which I prefer for a steel string acoustic. My biggest concern was the modified neck and the on-board electronics built standard on the Retro. The 28v is a stock OM with no built-in electronics featuring the modified V neck. I like your idea of fitting the OM 28V with the Baggs Lyric mic system.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Arthur Guercilena

Al Copping

Sure Arthur, you're welcome. Just to clarify, both necks are 1 3/4" at the nut, but the modified V shape retains more width up the neck, like a classical. I like that better for fingerstyle. The newer "Retro", or performer profile (like my H&D OM) is much narrower up the neck, so I notice having to be careful when playing fingerstyle up the neck not to pull the high E off the fingerboard edge. Was also thinking that if you like the Retro maybe could order one without the electronics. Then you have no UST under the saddle, better acoustic tone maybe. I'm pulling the Baggs Ibeam out of my OM and getting the Lyric. Unfortunately the Lyric won't fit on the bridgeplate my 00-18V because of the forward shited bracing, not sure about a OM-28V. Probably a larger bridgeplate on the OM-28V. Good luck!

Reply posted 1 year ago by Al Copping

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