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Updating an old guitar

B. J. Combs

Updating an old guitar

This may sound dumb, but I have an old Gibson Southern Jumbo almost 50 years old. It still has the original tuning pegs on it which are very hard to turn. I've been thinking about replacing them with a set of Grover tuning pegs. But I am worried about it affecting the value of the guitar. Also I am not sure exactly what tuning pegs (ratio wise) would be good if I decide to change them out. Does anyone out there have any thoughts about this? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Posted 1 year ago by B. J. Combs - 7 replies

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Get some new tuning machines that work properly and fit the existing footprint of the originals and put the originals (and all their associated hardware) in a ziploc bag and keep them in a safe place just in case you ever decide to sell the guitar... at which point you can either reinstall them or simply include them in the sale of the guitar. By doing it this way, you will not hurt the value of your guitar in the least, since the original machines are still a viable option for the new owner to use.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Mike Desmarais

Alan Jones

I agree with Mike....Grover 14/1 vintage pegs should fit the original pegholes

Reply posted 1 year ago by Alan Jones

I agree but only after checking to see if the machines just need to be cleaned and oiled.

Reply posted 1 year ago by JERRY STREFF

brent crozier

Hey BJ,

I have a 40 year old SJ. Great guitar made even better when I replaced the Klue-Less tuners with Grovers 20 years ago. I put the silver plated klu's on my 69 ES330. And put the Plastic tuners from that on an ancient Silvertone acoustic.
Anyway, The purist collectors may balk at the non-original tuners but you will appreciate the improvement in tuning

Reply posted 1 year ago by brent crozier

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