Updating an old guitar

B. J. Combs

Updating an old guitar

This may sound dumb, but I have an old Gibson Southern Jumbo almost 50 years old. It still has the original tuning pegs on it which are very hard to turn. I've been thinking about replacing them with a set of Grover tuning pegs. But I am worried about it affecting the value of the guitar. Also I am not sure exactly what tuning pegs (ratio wise) would be good if I decide to change them out. Does anyone out there have any thoughts about this? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Posted 1 year ago by B. J. Combs - 2 replies

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Well, I always consult an experienced luthier, which is the best way to get à good Job done and avoid dis asters...

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

Don't do it!!! Have you tried greasing the gears or asking a luthier to take a look? A 60's Southern Jumbo in good shape that's all original is a true classic that you DO NOT want to compromise. Changing out anything other than saddle, nuts & frets will definitely take away value. Those old Kluson tuners, despite that their stiffness are highly prized. Check out this link. It's on Les Pauls, but applies to acoustics as well. http://www.doctorvintage.com/tuners/50s_klusons.html

Reply posted 1 year ago by Anthony Smith

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