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Truss rod on Martin 000s

Jere Surber

Truss rod on Martin 000s

I have a Martin 000 'Golden Era,' which does have an adjustable truss rod. It seems odd to me that, at the price of the 'Authentics,' they wouldn't include this, but then, I guess, it wouldn't be, well, 'authentic.' Given my experiences over the years, I wouldn't buy any modern instrument that didn't have an adjustable truss rod -- however great the tech, there can be situations where a torqued neck just can't be trued and you'll either have to decide between the very spendy surgery of having a new one made and fitted or hanging the instrument on the wall for decoration. My suggestion would be to see if you can find a 000 'Golden Era' (a good bit cheaper than the current 'Authentics' but, IMHO, just as good if not better sounding. In fact, the GEs are pretty much the 'grandaddies' of the more recent Vintage and Authentic lines.) One difference is that the 000 GE's are slot-heads, which I like and do think make a sonic difference and I'm not sure if the 'Authentics' are, which would make me prefer the GE whatever the price. Only problem is that they only made these for one year (1997 I think) in a quite limited edition. Still, you can usually locate one if you look. Otherwise, check out a regular higher-end 000, which will be a good deal less spendy than the 'Authentic' but will have an adjustable truss rod. Hope this helps. Jere

Posted 2 years ago by Jere Surber - 1 reply

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James McLean

Thanks, I value your input and will see if I can track down a 000 18 GE 12fret slot head . Martin's web site has posts for non slot head 000 18 GE-14 fret so I will see if I can find one of these as well. Thanks again. All the Best, James

Reply posted 2 years ago by James McLean

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