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Judy Williams

I have been using DR Red Devils on my Rainsong. They look great, sound wonderful, and last a good long time. Nice and bright, very alive; they last for months, even with lots of gigs.

On our Larivee we use Elixers, but sometimes try other types. But I really like the Red Devils!

Reply posted 2 years ago by Judy Williams

Ditto on D'addario EXP Lights, but try Pyramid Bronze Lights non coated. Good sound and durability but expensive. Also hear Wyre strings are good. Anybody tried the D'addario DADGAD?

Reply posted 2 years ago by Don Poulin

Reginald L. Penberthy

I have been using Martin Marquis on both my D28 and my Taylor. Might check out the Martin Lifespan the next time I purchase strings as posted by Avrim Topel.. Thanks for that post Avrim.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Reginald L. Penberthy

Jim Coulter

I am also a fan of D'Addario Phoshor Bronze Light Strings. I occasionally try other strings, but always come back to these. I use medium strings on my Martin for flatpicking and strumming, but love the light strings on my Taylor for fingerstyle music.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Jim Coulter

Jonathan Lloyd

Like Avrim....I love the new Lifespan strings. I have used every type of string out there. Lifespan light gauge is my new favorite for the acoustics.

My two cents.


Reply posted 2 years ago by Jonathan Lloyd

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