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Avrim Topel

I've been a D'Addario Light user for decades and would try every different brand over the years including coateds , but always went back to D's. recently I tried Martin's new Lifespan coated strings and I'm hooked. It took a great string to get me away from D'Addario - I'll still buy D's occasionally - but the new Martins are definitely worth checking out even at the higher price.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Avrim Topel

Never heard about these ...tones, sorry.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

David Kisiel

Thanks Marc. Have you tried Newtones or Cleartones, if yes whats your thoughts and what gauges are you using for fingerstyle?

Reply posted 2 years ago by David Kisiel

(Sorry, my ipad just slip of my hands...)
So I originally used recommended strings...
As I evolved toward fingerstyle I tried a bit lighter string.
I used Élixir, Martin and D'Addario (plain third string)
If you do not change strings weekly, coated strings may be an option
Want Any more détail?
Regards, Marc

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Oooooo... It's a book writing question... Nylon or steel? I Owen Many guitars in differnnt

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

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