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Avrim Topel

I've been a D'Addario Light user for decades and would try every different brand over the years including coateds , but always went back to D's. recently I tried Martin's new Lifespan coated strings and I'm hooked. It took a great string to get me away from D'Addario - I'll still buy D's occasionally - but the new Martins are definitely worth checking out even at the higher price.

Reply posted 8 months ago by Avrim Topel

Never heard about these ...tones, sorry.

Reply posted 10 months ago by Marc Mony

David Kisiel

Thanks Marc. Have you tried Newtones or Cleartones, if yes whats your thoughts and what gauges are you using for fingerstyle?

Reply posted 10 months ago by David Kisiel

(Sorry, my ipad just slip of my hands...)
So I originally used recommended strings...
As I evolved toward fingerstyle I tried a bit lighter string.
I used Élixir, Martin and D'Addario (plain third string)
If you do not change strings weekly, coated strings may be an option
Want Any more détail?
Regards, Marc

Reply posted 10 months ago by Marc Mony

Oooooo... It's a book writing question... Nylon or steel? I Owen Many guitars in differnnt

Reply posted 10 months ago by Marc Mony

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