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Nylon-String Guitars

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Yeah, I have a number of guitars, but love nylon. Have a 1975 Ovation and a 1974 Gioninni from Brazil. Nylon is what I learned to play on, and one would probably be my desert island guitar. I really love Brazilian music and jazz. I recently bought a Godin 5th Avenue that I am really enjoying, it's very nice, but there is something about the warm sound of an unamplified nylon guitar...seems introspective or the voicing in my head.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Christopher Curtis

I use a nylon for fingerstyle including classical; Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed country; blues; and Beatles tunes. It gives a warmth to the sound that you don't get from steel. Another benefit is string spacing is usually larger than steel 1.875 - 2" neck vs. 1.75" for typical steel.
Look at Richard Smith doing his Jerry Reed Medley or Hiroshi Masuda doing Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel tunes on You Tube, you'll get a flavor.

Reply posted 11 months ago by George Ferrio

David Marchant

My love affair with nylon strings began 43 years ago when I bought my first entry level Yamaha classical to take beginning classical guitar in college. I still have that guitar today and though I have added to it with an Ovation, another higher end Yamaha and a cutaway Taylor, I still love my old G120. Like most of the above folks, I play it fingerstyle in a number of genres: Brazilian, classical, folk, jazz unless I'm doing my Willie Nelson impersonation when I use a flatpick and play it hard.

Reply posted 11 months ago by David Marchant

I have 2 nylon string guitars. I enjoy playing one in particular, but I have a problem. after I put new strings on it, it takes weeks before it will stay in tune. I put a small book under the strings to help stretch them, but even that doesn't work. I have youtubed it trying to find the answer, but no luck. do you have any suggestions? thnx.

Reply posted 11 months ago by dan sherman

I have two Alvarez YAIRI and Guild nylon models. I have gotten to enjoy nylon so much that the one guitar I keep by my desk, and thus play the most often, is a nylon model.
As a senior citizen, nylon is much easier to play considering arthritis issues. I still enjoy hearing a nice steel string, but day-to-day, I'm sold on nylon.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Dick Johnson

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