Nylon-String Guitars

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To Dan Sherman : The problem is we are why to cut the strings! my luthier showed how he changes string to play right after, yeah, nô kidding! First, pût the string loosely in. Second, tie with a knot. Then keep an inch or so and cut the rest ! When you wind, you would get some 3 full turns or so. Then, pull gently each string some 3-4 niches away from the guitar at 12th fret. Then you should be able to get tuned. It won't take you more to 3 days to stay tuned...

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

Dennis Weaver

I was a typical teenager listening to Jimi whatever and was all Stratocaster, SG whatever loving. I bought a classical guitar and never turned back! I play jazz melody notes on top of chords , Bossa Nova, classical easy pieces, I do not like acoustic steel strings. Not to be a grinch but just nylon. I like my Cordoba C7 but if its made in China do not call it a Spanish name! Funny how made in China escapes their labels! I like it O.K. though. I made 5 classicals and will make me another one to play. I thank Acoustic Guitar for the recent classical minded issue although they still steel stringed stuff in there. BTW before Cordoba flooded Guitar Center we could see Ramirezs in there etc.. Now PRS took the classical room which I guess is a minority! Best sound is from a classical or electric to me. And I might never go back to electric!

Reply posted 1 year ago by Dennis Weaver

I am just starting with nylon and need an amp for just noodling i my family room. I am intrigued with the Yamaha THR5A - the Youtube demos sound great, has a USB port for Garage Band3 mis and a nylon setting - $200.

Do any of you have experience with it? What amps are you using for small venue and practice?

Any help appreciated. There are no dealers near so I can hear it.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Rick Carlton

John Dierckx

Have to say, I am pretty stoked with my LaPatrie, it's got an amazing tone, ad it seems it has gotten better even after the neck has broken three times. The last repair was by Air New Zealand compound guys and that neck will never break again bit it seems like every time it got better after the repairs. I bought it when the neck was still broken and I needed one urgently, so the guys offered a discount and repaired it for me. Everyone that has played it makes remarks about how this seemingly beaten up guitar sounds so amazing, both acoustic and through a di or acoustic amp.

Reply posted 1 year ago by John Dierckx

Paul Reid

started out on a yamaha c40 many moons ago, now have a martinez timberline - cheap and cheerful but nice tone, just restrung with hard tension strings....great community by the way!

Reply posted 1 year ago by Paul Reid

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