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Nylon-String Guitars

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D. Young

Like a lot of the responders here, I play almost anything on my nylon stringer -- ragtime, blues, semi-jazz, bossa nova, fingerstyle arrangements of pop name it, I'll play it on the Estrella I have (great low-cost guitar, btw).

My first guitar (that was really mine, anyway) was a Mexican guitar made in 1948 that I bought out of a guy's garage for $6 (ca. 1966?) and had almost 30 years until our house was hit and all 5 of my guitars were stolen. Wish I still had it... But, life goes on, new guitars and new memories, many of which have been formed on nylon strings. Just grab and play!

Reply posted 1 year ago by D. Young

Patrick Degreve

I am new to this group. I am returning to playing after a 40 year span raising a family, working 60 hrs a week, serving on the board of my union, and trying to be Super Dad. Four years ago I started building guitars as a hobby,(I love it). I have built both steel and nylon string guitars, and I enjoy playing both very much. I still have my first guitar, a Wilson and Sons nylon string classical I bought in 1966 ( its was very cheap in '66, but has a great tone). I love it. I just built an all pine nylon string "travel guitar" that I am having fun with. Last year I built a 3/4 size nylon string classical that I have been playing as well. I have also built Steel string OMs, Jumbos, Dreadnoughts,and travel guitars that i play as well depending what mood I am in. But I tend to pull out the classicals most often. It was hard getting back into playing at first, but I am beginning to feel comfortable on the fretboard, and having a great time.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Patrick Degreve

I recently sold my Martin 00028-VS, a great steel string, but I didn't play it. I had become a 100% nylon player. While I'm brushing up a few of my old classical pieces, mostly I play fingerstyle music of varying genres. My two main guitars are Paul McGill's and I really love them. So much great tone, and more volume than many steel strings. One is a 665 mm and the other a 655 scale length. Both handle DADGAD and slack key turnings better than my steel strings hane. I also have the Godin with the Fishman electronics in it, and get a kick out of the fact that it looks like the Fender electric I played in my teenager hood.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Al Norton

I bang around on an Oscar Schmidt OC11 that I received a few years ago as a gift. I like to play just about everything on it from power chords to quiet finger style things. Love the sound of it. I've owned a few nylon strings, but for awhile I didn't appreciate the sound of them.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Michael Jackson

Matt Richards

I've been using a LaPatrie Cutaway Classical (made by Godin) for about two and a half years. I originally wanted to acquire a Multiac nylon-string but Godin was out of stock(!) following their annual summer break. I did most of my early acoustic playing and development on steel-strings, taking periodic sojourns to classical-style instruments. This guitar was originally intended for use in my duo with a flutist - it's my go-to acoustic (for now), for my jazz/Latin/original stylistic mix and will be in the studio with me in the next two weeks for my upcoming solo recording.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Matt Richards

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