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GAS sufferer
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Low End as the new High End - the Second Golden Era

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Well, it is quite refreshing to read this topic ! I used to own two low quality guitars in my living room for many years. A folk (Yamaha) and my good old classical (Fender). I offered myself a Taylor 510 for my 50th anniversary ! In fact, while opening the music store door, I was thinking money would not be an object. You understand I soon faced a big wall ! CDN $ was well under US$ at the moment. In the following years, I fetched some reknowned guitars, including a Martin D-35 which gives me more satisfaction than my Taylor for two-third of the price! I do not consider buying new guitars anymore. I found an Aria AC-80 and a Ramirez R-4 for less than half the price ! I have round a great local luthier to care for my babies... 100$ to tune a treasure is nothing. People should know that. Well, my point is I did give my very low end oldies to my son and my brother. When I visit my son, I always put my hands on the old Fender and almost regret leaving It ! I am now looking for an all-mahogany and am quite confused considering all those on the market, from Martin 000-18 to Guild M-120 to Tanglewood TW-130 the prices going from some 1400 to 400 $ ! A question still remains : Are brand names proportional to craft quality/longevity? And will the market value survive over the years ? My playing pleasure largely prevails over money thoughts... until a sound ceiling... (grin)
Regards, Marc

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Well I am looking for some all mahogany om or ooo to play good old country blues :
It seems Martin ooo-15 would be great... Any opinion ?

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Avrim Topel

I have a cabinet full of those more pricey guitars and enjoy them for what they are. However, as of late I have discovered the new Paul Reed Smith SE Korean made acoustics that sell for $700-$900 and they are mind-blowing in every way. Also, i just picked up a Voyage Aire guitar that has a neck that folds for travel. designed by upscale luthier Harvey Leach, these guitars are an amazing value as well, every bit of a Gibson or Taylor costing twice the price. We truly are entering a Second Golden Age.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Avrim Topel

This is a great thread! Exactly the kind of info I was hoping to find when I subscribed and signed up for this forum. Thanks for kicking it off, Steve. Based on everyone's posts here, I've already found several guitars in a decent price range that I'm going to keep an eye out for used or maybe even new. Thanks all.

Reply posted 2 years ago by James Means

PRS... Tonna get a serions that way. Many Thanks !

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

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