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Does anyone have experience with a Taylor LKSM-12? I've had one for a couple of years and I rarely play it because the intonation is bad. Tuned to the C# if I press any of the stings down especially on the first few frets they will be sharp by 1/4 step. It drives me crazy. I've had it a repair shop twice, someone who is excellent, but he says there's nothing further he can do. The only thing he could suggest is to lighten my touch and not press the strings down as hard. If anyone has an LKSM-12 I would love to know if they have a similar problem or if it's just my guitar and it needs to go back to Taylor.

Posted 2 years ago by David Tompkins - 1 reply

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I have had two of the newer versions of the LKSM12's in the last 10 years and I can tell you that I have not kept either of them. For some reason, the older versions from the early to mid-nineties were fantastic and the newer versions were terrible. Intonation was bad and the overall tone was lacking... I have a Taylor 555 that I bought in 1994 and it plays like a dream even when I drop it down to C#. I always wanted to keep one in standard tuning and one in the lower register, but now I'm resigned to just having the one really good sounding and playing 12 string that needs to be altered slightly when I decide to "go low"... bummer, but it appears you're having the same issues I did. I would suggest sending it back to Taylor (not sure what they're really going to do about it), or selling it and finding an older one for sale somewhere.

Reply posted 2 years ago by ADAM KENNEDY

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