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Anthony Reilly

Many thanks Mark for your kind reply. I have narrowed it down to these guitars because they are comfortable for me to play at my current level and sound good to my ear. They have good intonation too and set up. Also I am moving towards all solid woods in terms of construction. The Takamine would have been around 1500 pounds when new and is on sale at 995 right at the top of my budget. I tend to be a bit nervous about really expensive guitars. Don't think my current ability warrants one just yet although I like the idea of seeking out a used martin or Gibson with great tone. The Tak is whereby my thoughts are swinging at the moment. Beautiful looking guitar. I thought maybe someone on the forum might have had experience with one or other of the models mentioned. Thanks again.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Anthony Reilly

Well, I do not know even one of them. I have many guitars, most a bit more expensive, but you could find some in the range you with to pay. OK, why not Taylor 5xx or 7xx or Martin 28 or 35 ?
Guild (not GAD séries) would be good choice to me. My point is do you want brand new or great used ? Would consider Sell It later on to switch to something else ? I mean did you consider market prie When used ? I do not want to say you should buy reknowned brand, but It is something to consider.
Regards, Marc

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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