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Anthony Reilly


Hi All I would like to use my first post to seek advice on an iminent new guitar purchase.My aim is to buy an all solid rosewood backed acoustic with spruce top and I have narrowed it down to about five possibles within my budget. £600 - £1000. I have tried all the following guitars and been impressed with them all. Like to play fingerstyle with some contemporary or boum chicka strumming to accompany songs and also the odd instrumental piece. The guitars are: Takamine NV460S used but in excellent condition. Guild 150Rce new Freshman FA400D ex demo Yamaha LL16 new A guitar which would be at the top of my budget limit is the Martin D16GT but as yet I have not been able to locate one to try. There is my dilemna. Would be grateful to hear from any members who have ideas on the listed guitars or might want to suggest other alternatives within the budget. Look forward to hearing your views. cheers Tony

Posted 1 year ago by Anthony Reilly - 6 replies

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Anthony Reilly

Thanks so much for your kind and detailed advice Jim. This time round though it is going to be the Takamine spruce/rosewood combo. They agreed to a professional set up and I should have the guitar in a day or two. This is my first rosewood backed guitar so looking forward to it. I think I am beginning go notice the difference between all solid as opposed to just solid topped. I have an all solid 00M which really sounds amazing especially when finger picking. So yes that is the way forward. Looking at your profile you really like Taylors. They are up there with the Martins and Gibson. I have a Breedlove which has a similar feel to a Taylor . Only wish I had taken up the instrument sooner but not withstanding I am so glad I did and I am really enjoying the experience of playing and collecting guitars. Thanks again Jim.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Anthony Reilly

Say hey Anthony,
I fingerpick too. I love the tone of rosewood too. I have one rosewood, one mahogany, and one maple all with spruce tops. As much as I love to play on rosewood, I like to fingerpick and lead with the snappy sharp crispness of the maple body. Play them side by side before you finally go for rosewood. Also, look at the guitar bodies of those players (finger style players) you admire the most. You may be surprised to see what the majority of them use, in terms of body and sound boards. If you are still leaning toward the rosewood, you will love the voluminousness of its deep rich sounds. But if you are like me, get the one you like the most, the one you are gravitated to for one reason or the other, and get the other the next time you are in the market for a guitar.

I am a firm believer of getting the absolute best. Even if I cannot afford it, I borrow. And then when things start sounding bad, it’s not the tool mate! Get the best man, straight away. Work up to it, that is a commitment, man.
Cheers mate,

Reply posted 1 year ago by Jim Lair

Anthony Reilly

Cheers Marc. You read my mind. Rang and asked them to hold it for me so should hopefully be a Takamine owner tomorrow. They won't move much on the price so I will ask them to throw in a few extras and service the guitar. Wish me luck and thanks for your advice. At the end of the day it stood out quality wise in terms of looks playability and sound.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Anthony Reilly

You outline the most important factor : comfort !
It seems your choice is almost done :
Get It Man, get It !

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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