Guitar characteristics best suited for DADGAD

Guitar characteristics best suited for DADGAD

Any suggestions on guitar characteristic that lend themselves well for DADGAD: scale length, types of wood, bracing. Etc.? Also, does anyone have a recommended guitar for DADGAD?

Posted 1 year ago by Don Poulin - 2 replies

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Keith Reins

Pierre Bensusan is perhaps the greatest DADGAD player. He plays a Lowden.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Keith Reins

Kevan Chapman

I have a Faith Mercury Parlor 'Scoop' that mostly stays in DADGAD and it loves it.the bass response that is often missing in parlor guitars is excellent and if I leave it in standard tuning for to long it starts to sulk. then you end up taking it to drop D just to cheer it up but then it says to me "what Dropped D! hell go the whole hog"' "go to DADGAD and I promise I will sing for you" and she obliges........ and I agree Bensusan is insanely good. as apposed to me !!!!!

Regards: Kevan Chapman

Reply posted 1 year ago by Kevan Chapman

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