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Guild M-120 and Fishman Blackstack pickup

Guild M-120 and Fishman Blackstack pickup

I read about the Guild M-120 in the April issue of AG and enjoyed Teja's video review. I've played one at Old Town School of Folk Music's store, A Different Strummer, and was impressed with the guitar's sound. I like the small body and the feel of the neck. It was comfortable to play. The guitar's growl and projection impressed me the most. I have a Fishman Blackstack pickup, which I intended to use in my Guild GAD-30ATB. I really like the M-120 for its size and sound. I wonder if the Fishman Blackstack would be a good match for it? I know the M-120e has the Fishman Sonitone undersaddle pickup, but I have one in my Cordoba and it's disappointing. Also, I'm not a fan of how the battery is installed. The bag that holds the battery attaches to the inside of the guitar via velcro strips. The velcro strip attached to the guitar came loose and I had to have a luthier re-attach it. Anyone have any thoughts on installing a Fishman Blackstack in a Guild M-120? Too much pickup for this little guitar? The bluesy sound of this guitar seems like a good match. Of course, I would need to check the diameter of the sound hole to see if the Blackstack will fit.

Posted 1 year ago by MJ Kelly

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