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Finale Songwriter

Finale Songwriter

Hi All, I posted this in the Songwriter group, but there isn't much action over there, so I thought I'd post it here as well. Software is gear, right? Anyway, this is my first post in the new forum. I was mostly a lurker in the old forum, and I learned quite a bit there. I'm hoping someone can help with Finale Songwriter. I downloaded the trial version, watched all the videos, and created an arrangement. I was able to figure out everything I needed to do except with regards to timing. It's a fingerstyle arrangement, so there are fills and bass notes in addition to the melody. The problem is, if I notate the melody notes correctly, their time values fill up the measures, leaving no room for the fills. In order to complete the arrangement, I had to decrease the time value of the melody notes so everything would fit in each measure correctly. Therefore, if you play the piece according to the written music, it's very staccato. I believe the solution lies in using layers, but I tried using that feature and couldn't make it work. Can any of you advise how to resolve this? Thanks, David

Posted 2 years ago by David Hoodenpyle

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