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Diastone acoustic

Diastone acoustic

I was hoping someone would have some information on the Diastone acoustics. My buddy picked up one off ebay a while ago and it sounds great to me. 1970's mij Martin copy was all I could find in my research. He has a model SF 118. Sticker inside says solid top folk guitar. I have never seen one before. Any info?

Posted 2 years ago by jack douglas - 2 replies

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My friend Jack these are rare instruments. Info is hard to come by. From conversations I have had with retailer friends these are connected to the Takamine / Martin guitars. After the deal fell through Diastone continued to make a limited number of these great Martin copies. From what I've been told they where made from the same specs and materials as the Martins. I own an SF-118 as well. I have had it for over 20 years. I have had a number of guitars over the years but have always held on to this one. Just like a Martin D-18.

Reply posted 2 years ago by edward appleby

Paul S

I also have a Diastone SF 118 and I like it a lot. This guitar is made extremely well. appears to have a rosewood fretboard. spruce top, 2 piece back with nice trim. binding top and bottom. Headslock looks just like a martin. Tuners are top quality, not those cheap open style that are so common. best of all, the intonation is amazing for it's age. it has an uncompensated saddle, but even so, the action is very nice... spot on with the E string pressed and harmonics at the 12th fret. it has a few minor scratches, but it sounds great.

this is not a shabby knock off, you can tell by the quality of the construction, and intonation. If I got it properly set up with a new saddle, I would challenge a Martin with it. The wood is nicely aged and has lots of tone. I keep it tuned down to D to ease pressure on the neck. The neck is very smooth and easy to play. no fret gouging.. all of them are smoothed out like on a fine instrument.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Paul S

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