Cort MR710F vs Takamine EG340SC

Rudolf Prinsloo

Cort MR710F vs Takamine EG340SC

Hi I am torn between choosing either the Cort MR710F or Takamine EG340SC. There is a nice review of the Cort on this site, and what I like about it is the fact that it have a bone nut and saddle. My current guitar, a Yamaha FX370C got plastic saddle and after a few years now the strings have cut really deep into the saddle. The Takamine EG340SC and the Cort MR710F are basically the same guitar and in the same price range, but I'm not sure about the nut and saddle on the Takamine. I'm just looking for an upgrade guitar with solid top and better pickup than my current Yamaha. Would like a Yamaha again but they fall out of my budget. Any advice will be appreciated.

Posted 1 year ago by Rudolf Prinsloo - 1 reply

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Didn't you love your Yamaha ?
Why not have an experienced luthier fix It ?
You know, even pricey brand new guitars may need the care of an experienced luthier.
At least you could get an estimation of the cost to fix It...

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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