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Beware of the Mackie DLM12

Steven Gardner

Beware of the Mackie DLM12

I live out in a very small town. I don't have the luxury of trying out gear before I buy it. Several months ago I purchased a Mackie DLM12 powered speaker. It has effects built in, and two combo inputs for mic and guitar. It's rated at 2000 watts! Here's the problem. When using the second channel for guitar, you can't get enough volume for the guitar. I played a small winery venue (indoors) with no more than 35 people just this past Saturday night, and I couldn't get my guitar loud enough. 2000 watts my a**!. The 1st channel will get extremely loud, but even turning up the pre-amp on my Fishman Acoustic Aura pedal, and the pre-amp on my Martin guitar, and maxing the input on the Mackie, it wasn't enough. I have called Mackie and talked to their help people, and they are of no use. It's NOT user error. I wasted my money and just want others to know about this before they buy something that doesn't work correctly. If I use my Mackie mixer and run everything into the first channel, it works great. -But you're supposed to be able to use it as a stand alone one man PA for guitar and vocals.

Posted 1 year ago by Steven Gardner - 6 replies

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Meredith Inserra

Thanks for the heads up on this. I too would love to find an "all in one" unit for guitar and vocals for small venues like you describe. My town is kinda small but we do have a nice music store run by local people with super nice, very helpful staff. But it's no "Guitar Center." The selection is small.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Meredith Inserra

Peter Busch

Check out SR Technology JAM150Plus (or Schertler its is the same as SR Tech) - or see check it on youtube sell schertler - it is exact the same just another name on the tag. The 100W is too small, the 400W is also great

Reply posted 1 year ago by Peter Busch

i have a clavier amp, Behringer 1800 FX. It is gives 180 watts and has 4 entries and an XLR for vocal mic on channel 1. And plenty of effects but you can use only one at a time but modilate it on each channel. It is great for my acoustics ans my Seymour Duncan' s SH 1 & 4 on my electric. I bought it on the suggestion of a pro while in a hurry. Great idea !

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

Peter Busch

Check youtube:
" Geargossip Acoustic Amp Event kurz" (short version of the review, app 18 min)
" Geargossip Acoustic Amp Event Lang" (the long version of the review, app. 30 min)

They review a lot of the most common guitar/microphone combos - using the same guy playing the same song, so you'll get a real good comparison between what kind of "coloring" the different amps do to your guitar and your voice.
Personally I ended up with SR Tech, think it is the most clean natural sound, and it is awesome.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Peter Busch

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