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Acoustic DI

Acoustic DI

Im in the market for an acoustic DI to play live with. I play a Martin DX1AE going straight into small PA. The under saddle pickup sounds very unflattering to what the guitar actually sounds like. Dont get me wrong i like the pickup when im recording straight into my handheld recorder.

Posted 2 years ago by Mario Ramos - 2 replies

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Anthony Gundrum

I use both an ART PDB Passive DIrect Box and a Live Wire Solutions SPDI Passive Direct Box. Either one of these is all you need if you just want to plug an acoustic guitar into a board. They come in handy in the studio as well.
The Behringer is fine but if you're fine with unadulterated sound go with just a DI box. If you want the fluff, then I'd suggest checking out the LR Baggs Para DI 5-Band EQ and Direct Box instead of the Behringer.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Anthony Gundrum

Anthony Gundrum

That reply was from the older AGC site. There were links but they were lost. It looks like this new site doesn't allow for you to embed links. I hope they fix that.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Anthony Gundrum

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