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Feedback on Android Tuner App
Started by Todd Merport
One reply 14 hours ago

Updating an old guitar
Started by B. J. Combs
5 replies, latest 1 month ago

Beware of the Mackie DLM12
Started by Steven Gardner
4 replies, latest 2 months ago

guitar CART??
Started by Meredith Inserra

Volume pedal
Started by William Hill
One reply 4 months ago

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David Hoodenpyle

Finale Songwriter

Hi All, I posted this in the Songwriter group, but there isn't much action over there, so I thought I'd post it here as well. Software is gear, right? Anyway, this is my first post in the new forum. I was mostly a lurker in the old forum, and...

Posted 1 year ago

Mario Ramos

Acoustic DI

Im in the market for an acoustic DI to play live with. I play a Martin DX1AE going straight into small PA. The under saddle pickup sounds very unflattering to what the guitar actually sounds like. Dont get me wrong i like the pickup when im record...

Posted 1 year ago - 2 replies, latest 1 year ago

MJ Kelly

Guild M-120 and Fishman Blackstack pickup

I read about the Guild M-120 in the April issue of AG and enjoyed Teja's video review. I've played one at Old Town School of Folk Music's store, A Different Strummer, and was impressed with the guitar's sound. I like the small body and the feel of...

Posted 1 year ago

Jere Surber
Jere Surber

Truss rod on Martin 000s

I have a Martin 000 'Golden Era,' which does have an adjustable truss rod. It seems odd to me that, at the price of the 'Authentics,' they wouldn't include this, but then, I guess, it wouldn't be, well, 'authentic.' Given my experiences over the...

Posted 1 year ago - 1 reply, 1 year ago

James McLean
James McLean

Martin 000 18 Authentic - non adjustable truss rod

Shopping around for a new finger style guitar I have become particularly enamoured with the tone and playability of a Martin 00018A. I am concerned though that it does not have an adjustable truss rod. Is this something to be concerned about and...

Posted 1 year ago

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