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Guitar Recommendations $900 budget
Started by Demian Escudero

Baritone Guitar strings
Started by Don Gingrich
4 replies, latest 1 week ago

My First Post
Started by Dan Mack

Guitar recommendations, $1500 budget
Started by James McHie Jr
4 replies, latest 3 weeks ago

Diastone acoustic
Started by jack douglas
2 replies, latest 2 months ago

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Steven Gardner
Steven Gardner

Beware of the Mackie DLM12

I live out in a very small town. I don't have the luxury of trying out gear before I buy it. Several months ago I purchased a Mackie DLM12 powered speaker. It has effects built in, and two combo inputs for mic and guitar. It's rated at 2000...

Posted 8 months ago - 6 replies, latest 4 months ago

Todd Merport

Feedback on Android Tuner App

Hi Everyone, I'm looking to get some feedback on an Android based Guitar Tuner. If any one out there will give it a try, it would be much appreciated. It is free with no ads. Here is the link on the google play store:

Posted 6 months ago - 2 replies, latest 5 months ago

William Hill

Volume pedal

I'm a solo performer who sometimes finds - after starting a song - that I haven't set my volume correctly and I can't stop to adjust. I'm looking for a volume pedal appropriate for my Walden acoustic/electric. Any suggestions?

Posted 1 year ago - 1 reply, 9 months ago

John McLeod
John McLeod

Epiphone 1967 FT112 12-String Acoustic Guitar

I just purchased a Vintage 1967 Epiphone FT112 12-String Acoustic Guitar in great condition from the Guitar Center. This for me, is a fantastic 12-String. It is a true pleasure to hold and play. I am sure there are still probably and hopefully mor...

Posted 10 months ago

John McLeod
John McLeod

Epiphone Crestwood '62 Reissue

I am looking at a new Epiphone Crestwood '62 Reissue at the Guitar Center for possible purchase. Can anyone offer any information regarding any positives or negatives on this reissue guitar? Thanks in advance for any assistance. firemarshalnfr48

Posted 10 months ago

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