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Pick guard removal
Started by Jeff Reinhart
One reply 14 hours ago

Lag Guitars
Started by Bill Miller
2 replies, latest 3 months ago

Guitar tuners
Started by Tim Deschenes-Desmond
2 replies, latest 3 months ago

GAS sufferer
Started by Marc Mony
One reply 3 months ago

Baritone Guitar strings
Started by Don Gingrich
5 replies, latest 4 months ago

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jack douglas

Diastone acoustic

I was hoping someone would have some information on the Diastone acoustics. My buddy picked up one off ebay a while ago and it sounds great to me. 1970's mij Martin copy was all I could find in my research. He has a model SF 118. Sticker inside...

Posted 2 years ago - 2 replies, latest 9 months ago

Jon Lageman

Wide neck acoustics under $500?

Hi- New to the site and group, so hope I am doing this right. If not I apologize. I have been taking lessons for two years now at the ripe age of 35. I have been struggling a lot with the size of my finger-tips since the beginning. I'm a big t...

Posted 9 months ago - 3 replies, latest 9 months ago

Michael Bernier
Michael Bernier

Favorite Mic for recording acoustic guitar

What is your favorite recording mic for acoustic guitar and why? I'm going to upgrade from the Samson C02s I've been using for years now. Looking at the Shure KSM137, the Neumann KM184, the Beyerdynamic MC930 and the Shure SM81. Any input would...

Posted 11 months ago - 1 reply, 10 months ago

Craig Schriber
Craig Schriber

truest sounding pickup for 1955 Gibson SJ?

I'm using an old Gibson dreadnought style from the mid-50s and can't seem to get a natural sound out of it when amplified. It has two old Barcus-Berry Hot Dots (1972?) mounted in the bridge, and I run it through an LR Baggs Venue. What are thought...

Posted 11 months ago

Anthony costa

Fishman Sa220 solo performance system

Thinking of purchasing Fishman Sa220 solo peformance system. Anyone have any input? I like the Bose L1 but the Fishsticks seem to have more features out of box. The price of the Bose is more as well.

Posted 11 months ago - 1 reply, 11 months ago

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