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Pick guard removal
Started by Jeff Reinhart

Lag Guitars
Started by Bill Miller
2 replies, latest 2 months ago

Guitar tuners
Started by Tim Deschenes-Desmond
2 replies, latest 3 months ago

GAS sufferer
Started by Marc Mony
One reply 3 months ago

Baritone Guitar strings
Started by Don Gingrich
5 replies, latest 4 months ago

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Jeff Reinhart

Pick guard removal

Hi, I took the pick guard off my seagull Performer today, too beautiful to cover with plastic. There is some glue let behind. i have read that lighter fluid will remove it. Any thoughts or suggestions? thanks jeff

Posted 1 day ago

Bill Miller

Lag Guitars

Hello all. Just joined the group today. Hope all is well with everyone. Anyone have any experience with Lag guitars? Saw a T66ACE in a local mom and pop music store. It had surprising tone...full and well-balanced. Up until today, though, I had...

Posted 3 months ago - 2 replies, latest 2 months ago

Tim Deschenes-Desmond

Guitar tuners

Any recommendations for good guitar tuners out there? My Korg CA 30 has about given out.

Posted 4 months ago - 2 replies, latest 3 months ago

Marc Mony

GAS sufferer

I am 58, nearby retirement, and in my wife idea, a GAS sufferer ! I grabbed a guitar for the first time as a teenager. Then got a low end folk guitar for Christmas : was proud of it though it was not great and I did not show great talent. I have...

Posted 3 months ago - 1 reply, 3 months ago

Don Gingrich
Don Gingrich

Baritone Guitar strings

I've got a problem which, thankfully, most of you won't share. Living in Australia, I'm sometimes hit with the "colony tax" problem. This is where a manufacturer will only sell locally through their "authorised distributor" -- effectively this dou...

Posted 8 months ago - 5 replies, latest 4 months ago

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