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Glen  McCarthy

Travis Picking

What songs besides Dust in the Wind and Landslide do you play/teach that uses Travis Picking?

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tim bohan

I got the title wrong, but here is a link to, "The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking" book by Mark Hanson:

Reply posted 1 year ago by tim bohan

tim bohan

Tony (and Glen) there is a pretty good instructional video for finger picking Hang me, oh hang me, on You Tube. He breaks down the pattern and the chords well, plays it slowly so you can see what's going on.

I just bought the "Inside Lewen Davis" soundtrack album, great stuff!

Also, for Glen, there is an old book out called "Intro to Travis Picking" put out by Mark Hanson, through Accent on Music. (Google it) He goes into detail on many different Travis type patterns.

Have fun! Oh, and go file your nails! Mine are always catching on stuff and breaking!

Reply posted 1 year ago by tim bohan

Anthony Reilly

Hi Glenn

I like to play some Dylan covers using this style of picking. Don't think twice is a favourite and I also love the song "Streets of London" by Ralph McTell. I have recently been having a go at Hang me oh hang me the Dave Van Ronk song although because it was quite slow I suddenly noticed that every so often I would miss a string with my ring finger in the right hand part. Very annoying. Ironically I then had to slow it down even further to eradicate the problem. Another Van Ronk favourite is Green Green Rocky Rd which I am learning at the minute. I dont flatpick so I am always adapting variious finger styles to what I play.


Reply posted 1 year ago by Anthony Reilly

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