There's nNo Justice In The World!

There's nNo Justice In The World!

OK, so here I am on my latest trip to Nashville. I did a session for a local (back home) country recording artist last week on dobro, and it went well. We lais down a dozen tracks in 4 hours. My wife, daughter and I have spent the past week rubbernecking around town, going to the Opry, saw the Time Jumpers at 3rd and Lindsley, and so on. We went to the Country Music Hall Of Fame, and at the end of it, there in the gift shop, I spotted something that made my heart sink... There was a Mel Bay book of tablature of some of the late Jerry Reed's most famous guitar tunes. Now, 30 years ago, I went through a period where I spent hours with the old vinyl LPs, transcribing stuff like Swingin' 69, Bluesland, and others. Now, here was a book that would have been golden to me back then. Only good thing about the experience was that I got most of them right.... There's just no justice.... :-)

Posted 2 years ago by Phil Howe - 1 reply

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Wow, Phil, I bet you will published your hard work from now on. After reading your post, I know I will. Thanks for saying something about your experience.
Jim Lair

Reply posted 2 years ago by Jim Lair

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