Pick'n Patterns Wanted

Pick'n Patterns Wanted

Well, I have a simple question but I must preface it with; I collect finger pick’n patterns, such as the noted Travis Pick and its variation. With that said, do you have a favorite pick’n pattern or a collection of them that you can share with me? Thnx, Jim Lair

Posted 2 years ago by Jim Lair - 2 replies

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Great stuff, Glen. These are great and fun to workout with. And then when I am playing, I find myself exploring witht these patterns.
Thanks mate, Jim Lair

Reply posted 1 year ago by Jim Lair

Glen  McCarthy

Here are some picking patterns that I teach (the last one is a joke)

FINGER-PICKING PATTERNS (P=Thumb, I=index, M=middle, A=ring) P plays bass note of the chord on strings 6(E), 5(A),D(4); I plays 3(G); M plays 2(B); A plays 1(E)

1. P I M A 4/4
2. P I M A M I 3/4 or 6/8
3. P I P M P A M I 4/4
4. P I M I A I M I 4/4
5. P A M I P I M A 4/4
6. P I A M P A M I 4/4
7. P I M I M A M I 4/4
8. P A I M P I M A 4/4
9. P A M I A M I A M I M A 12/8
10. I M A M I A M I P I M P 12/8

Reply posted 1 year ago by Glen McCarthy

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