Flat 9 Scale?

Flat 9 Scale?

Guitar Players, HELP I came across the "Flat 9" scale, based on the harmonic minor, recently. I like the "gypsy" sound of it, but am having a hard time understanding it. I believe it starts on the 5 of the harmonic scale and the formula is: Root, flat 9, 3, 4, 5 flat 6, and 7. When I see it played in Cm, it is: G, Ab, B, D, F, G. Aren't we missing a note somewhere? QUESTION: Where is 'C'? Isn't that the 4? Is that the missing note? Why is that not played, if it's in the formula? QUESTION: What is "5 flat 6"? Is that the 'D'? How does the formula variable '5 flat 6' get me to a 'D' here? I don't understand that variable.

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Puetz - 1 reply

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A full scale has 7 notes. I guess 5 flat 6 should read 5, flat 6. C is probably missing because of a one and a half interval between B and D. But if you do write the scale you would then find two notes with the same name, say Bb and B or Db and D : B would then be named Cb or Db qould be C#. and As you see, flat 9 is flat 2 ! but interestingly a sus2 chord has no 7th while a 9th chord would have a 7th.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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