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Flat 9 Scale?
Started by Mark Puetz
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Flat 9 Scale?

Flat 9 Scale?

Guitar Players, HELP I came across the "Flat 9" scale, based on the harmonic minor, recently. I like the "gypsy" sound of it, but am having a hard time understanding it. I believe it starts on the 5 of the harmonic scale and the formula is: Root, flat 9, 3, 4, 5 flat 6, and 7. When I see it played in Cm, it is: G, Ab, B, D, F, G. Aren't we missing a note somewhere? QUESTION: Where is 'C'? Isn't that the 4? Is that the missing note? Why is that not played, if it's in the formula? QUESTION: What is "5 flat 6"? Is that the 'D'? How does the formula variable '5 flat 6' get me to a 'D' here? I don't understand that variable.

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Puetz - 1 reply

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Charlie Bernstein

You might try the theory forums at or Those sites are moderated and visited by folks who can answer almost anything.

See what happens if you play a Cm chord and ad each of those notes. (Except the G. It already has that.)

Some scales are just four or five notes, so nothing should be too surprising. I'd pick up my guitar and see what you're talking about, by I'm not the only person in the house right now. Maybe another time....

( •)—:::

Reply posted 8 months ago by Charlie Bernstein

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