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Acoustic Blues...

Acoustic Blues...

Well, just to start something : Anybody hère interested in great old acoustic blues?

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony - 2 replies

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John Murray

I'm just exploring thief inner workings of this genre now. I've always thought it was simple and droned on a bit but the more I listen and more I play the more I am respecting it. I've got it playing more and more in the car and I'm playing it on the guitar a lot.
I am fascinated by the measuring as well.
So often where I expect the next verse to begin it doesn't because there are extra measures thrown in. I used to attribute this to poor songwriting but now I'm starting to see a pattern that is unique (and intentional) to these old compositions (ie: Many works by Robert Johnson or newer stuff by Clapton, like "Drift'in") . These extra measures; thrown in. This used to bother me, now I find it interesting and I'm enjoying finding where the pattern is.

Reply posted 2 years ago by John Murray

Waow ! Interesting analysis ! As an amateur guitar player, I used to play arpeggios... I came to exploring good ole country music 2 years ago and then bluegrass (too heavy for my clumsy hands !) and finally, got an old editon of some Stefan Grossman's country blues book and then Rory Block and John Hammond CDs to finally make my way to Robert Johnson (and other acoustic blues old timers) finally turned to understand some of Clapton's roots.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

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