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A better way to master guitar chords?
Started by p sherman

Started by John Sisney
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Buzzing String
Started by Gil Dellisola
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ADD and practicing
Started by Karen Wyatte
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Started by Scott Ritchie
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John Sisney


A trick I found for sore fingers is to rub a little Anbesol on the tips of your fretting hand , let it set for about 5 mins. wipe off and keep jammin'. This really works when you are first starting out. Let's you keep playing so you can get those good callouses.

Posted 2 years ago by John Sisney - 6 replies

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Derek Jennings

Good answers...I know when I started playing my index finger hurt so much I had to take five days off from playing. I thought I would never play. I just kept at it and your fingers get use to it. This is just one of those things you have to endure as a beginner but trust me it is worth all the hard work and effort.

Reply posted 4 months ago by Derek Jennings

Dell Krauchi


I wrote an article that deals with the issues of "calluses". Please see it here:

Comments anyone?

Reply posted 4 months ago by Dell Krauchi

My first step is checking string action...
Cheers !

Reply posted 6 months ago by Marc Mony

Rick Davey

What a great idea!
Hmmmmm....I wonder if I rub some on my forehead after a bad night......

Reply posted 6 months ago by Rick Davey

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