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Practice Routine

Practice Routine

I've been playing for approximately 11 months now and I feel like I'm not progressing as fast as I could be. I want to make sure that the time I spend practicing is effective and efficient. How would recommend someone with between 2-4 hours per day to practice to organize their practice schedule ? One other question, should you completely learn a song before starting a new song or is it okay to work on learning multiple songs at once? Okay more question (this is really the last one). On average, after one year, if someone told you they've been playing guitar for a year, what would you expect them to able to do?

Posted 2 years ago by Christopher Olivo - 7 replies

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First of all, I'm not a pro... Second, I think You want to go too fast : heard about overuse tendonitis ? So, you have to warm up (scales or easy chords) I may play from 45 min. to 2 or 3 hrs each day I don't Know How It works for you but I have to let Any piece Wander through m'y mind for a while. I can't Hurry It!
Then, some would talk about goals Whatever are your goals ?

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Well I'm no pro either but I've been playing off and on for about 4 yrs now. Still at the high end of the beginner's level myself. Trying a few novice level songs, but definatly don't have them down yet. But here's my advice. I practice and learn more than 1 song at a time. The reason is I feel you should practice as you want to play. Your not going to paly the same song over and over in a jam session so why practice that way. I practice songs in the same key together. So I'm moving through the same chord progressions, but different strums and chord combinations. I feel this keeps my practice from getting boring also. Learn your G key progression 1st. (Gmj, Cmj, Dmj, Am, Em) Then A key (Amj, Dmj, Emj) Those 2 chord progressions should get you to playing hundreds of songs. I hope this helps.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Buda Tucker

As Buda do, I am used to add Many new songs in my répertoire, working them one after the other. After a while, some become more easier to play than some others but I keep working. After a few weeks, I happen to play a few more songs. The main idea behind NOT CONCENTRATING ON ONE SONG is to bring more easiness on the fretting hand than fixing It on a few new chords. The whole process is à bit longer but rewarding and not boring.
Remember : "Practice makes better".

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

Say Hey Christopher,

I have a question for you. Just one. What are your expectations. Or, another way of asking, what did you expect of yourself after 11 months?

No, I do not want to be a professional musician. Though I have been playing over 45 years and jam with many pros. I love jamming with people and making up my own music. With all that said, let me express how I feel after a putting in tons of hours learning something, not only guitar but everything.

When I ask the same questions you are asking, it is our natural reality check. I think most of us, if not all, do this from time to time. If we didn’t pause and ask where was I, where am I, and where am I going, we would not care about what we are doing. We’d be a lump of coal.

By gaining a sense of accomplishment over time, we develop a kind of speedometer or learning ratio. Or another way of saying it, what have I learned over a given period of time. So by asking what do I know today about guitar that I did not know yesterday, last month, last year, and so forth we develop that ratio? As your guitar playing improves, this ratio changes –for the better I’d hope-.

You are doing just fine. I say this because you are asking!
Cheers mate, Jimmy Lair

Reply posted 1 year ago by Jim Lair

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