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ADD and practicing
Started by Karen Wyatte
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ADD and practicing

Karen Wyatte

ADD and practicing

I have ADD/ADHD. Ring of Fire ADD/ADHD to be exact. that means I cannot sit still for more than 10 minutes without having to get up and move around. I feel I have to adhere to traditional structure of sit down for 30/40 minutes to get it but I find that I do well with 10 minutes at a time to focus on something and then walk around and let my body kinesthetically process it. How to balance between having to assimilate to a long traditional practice time with my need to break everything down into chunks to process everything? Is there a middle ground that I can do?

Posted 1 month ago by Karen Wyatte - 1 reply

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Chuck   Lapointe

Hi Karen, if you don't already, maybe practice standing up using a strap?

Reply posted 1 month ago by Chuck Lapointe

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