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ADD and practicing
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ADD and practicing

Karen Wyatte

ADD and practicing

I have ADD/ADHD. Ring of Fire ADD/ADHD to be exact. that means I cannot sit still for more than 10 minutes without having to get up and move around. I feel I have to adhere to traditional structure of sit down for 30/40 minutes to get it but I find that I do well with 10 minutes at a time to focus on something and then walk around and let my body kinesthetically process it. How to balance between having to assimilate to a long traditional practice time with my need to break everything down into chunks to process everything? Is there a middle ground that I can do?

Posted 4 months ago by Karen Wyatte - 2 replies

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Hi Karen,
Well, I don’t have the same, but I do suffer from chronic pain from a spinal injury in an industrial accident. I cannot sit in regular chairs for long periods of time. I tried all sorts of chairs, stools, even couches, and then I ran across drummers thrown. I alternate between standing and sitting on my drummers thrown. That is the half of it. I practice for as long as I can, and then I’ll “take five”. I’ll go prep/cook dinner, or work out, or use those small yoga balls and roll them around in my hands. The key is having something to do. Dust the studio. Straighten something up. Anything. Then when my short break is up, it’s back to practice.
Cheers, Jim Lair

Reply posted 1 month ago by Jim Lair

Chuck   Lapointe

Hi Karen, if you don't already, maybe practice standing up using a strap?

Reply posted 4 months ago by Chuck Lapointe

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