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A better way to master guitar chords?
Started by p sherman

Started by John Sisney
6 replies, latest 4 months ago

Buzzing String
Started by Gil Dellisola
3 replies, latest 4 months ago

ADD and practicing
Started by Karen Wyatte
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Started by Scott Ritchie
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Rick Sando
Rick Sando

Need mo-mo

How do you keep up the momentum and regularity of your practicing? I tend to fall off the wagon.

Posted 1 year ago - 4 replies, latest 9 months ago

Edward Staib
Edward Staib

The dreaded Bar Chords

I've been playing for about three years and play at my church. I have been struggling with the Bm bar chord-(bar chords in general) which is used frequently in the songs we play. I have weakness in my hands from Carpal Tunnel so it seems like more...

Posted 1 year ago - 9 replies, latest 10 months ago

Lance Manus

Music books

So begining a complete beginer how do you play from the various song books out there? There are typically a Treble staff with the individual notes for a song and then chord symbols as well. So my question here is what do you play...both the chor...

Posted 1 year ago - 2 replies, latest 1 year ago

Pat Faldetta

Bass notes and runs changing chords

Hi I'm not sure I'm using the right lingo - I'm looking to learn how to use play some walking notes in between changing chords that lead to or from the chord I want to play - is there a site someone here could recommend that shows had some good vi...

Posted 1 year ago - 2 replies, latest 1 year ago

Larry Rice

How do I print the lessons?

I can find the lessons in the digital magazine but can't figure out how to print them so I can use them along with the video lesson? Did I miss a printer prompt somewhere?

Posted 1 year ago - 2 replies, latest 1 year ago

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